Trading in a water channel - whales trick for idiots

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When I am talking of the market is not for the small investors, I will give you current example. The ETH market and thus of many shitcoins that can be bought with ETH (or BTC ) and which price is chosenly pumped, is being sustained in a narrow flat channel. There are some hundred BOT offers of 0.02 ETH both in selling and buiyng. They are keeping the price between 1065 and 1075. In order that somebody wants to sell higher or buy lower by accident, there are several walls put on the both sides to prevent that. If the price goes natural way down, where actually it should be, they buy some of their big sell offers back, and thus put the price back on rails. There are only several morons who are putting offers pressed up and down and loosing their money somewhere in the 1070. You know, whales yesterday bought quite huge ammount of ETH and BTC prior to expiration of the Chicago contracts. They have to sell this shit load to someone now, and they are going to keep 1070 for a while. The only ones to be harmed are the those who are buying whales shit the last 5 hours. I see Walton lie is already 39 USD waiting for the tomorrows conference. ONE BILLION MarketCAP for 10 people team and 3 computers? You must be kidding me! At least google to try to find photos of their factory for RFID chips or office building or something. HA-HA-HA! The market is about to collapse very soon when million of new investors realize they do not receive the profit they came for and whales are taking everything and that chinese ponzi schemes like TRON start to burst.
交易進行: It is still active. Bots are working hard on BTC, ETH, NEO. It is strange that I am the only owe rising concern.
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