ETHXBT: Just a prediction

I can make an informed guess on how long it will take for ETHXBT to surpass Bitcoin in performance dramatically. The monthly chart indicates we could expect a major breakout only after May, or as a worst case scenario, July. There are two possible top targets, and an estimated time duration of the rally as well.

The targets are 0.095937 and 0.228555, with a rally that could last until February, 2018. I'm going to hold my positions as long term trades, and I'll continue to trade around them with margin, to make my holds risk free, and only risk part of my profit from holding the trades open all this time. I'd reccomend keeping a 50/50% weight with BTC , and perhaps if you want, investing small in some ICOs. or other alts along the way, but only with 1-5% positions at best. Focus on this and BTC , since the charts and fundamentals favor continued growth in them.

Good luck!

Ivan Labrie.

評論: We could argue that the target range is broader, thus the target would be around 0.15+-.
評論: We can possibly rally further, but fundamentals need to catch up to price here. Sentiment has been too elevated lately too, so a sideways grind seems probable.
Great reading dude, you're my top 5 traders here. Personally I invested 90% of my belonging in bitcoin two years ago, now it's time to move some of them to another alts. Thanks God I didn't choose LTC back then, ETH was a good choice although personally I don't like this technology
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@kaka900, thanks!

Good to hear you had a good run. Diversifying into some alts now wouldn't hurt. Ideally, you'd done it when I posted near the bottom at 0.008+-.
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