FX:EURAUD   歐元 / 澳幣
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EURO pairs are currently in a huge reversal area. When there is a huge movement incoming the market try to trick people over by SL hunting and higher and other weird move to make people close their short. We have been now waiting for weeks and i saw a beautiful Consolidation channel forming for the past few days.
With the beautiful uptrend trendline breakout we entered a consolidation phase before moving to a retracement or downtrend continuation trend. I am expecting a huge bearrish movement for EURAUD because im expecting AUD to gain value and EUR to lose value so basically we will see some beautiful red candles on this pairs.
People been saying the EURAUD havent been moving alot in the last few days or weeks and thats a good sign, because the market did go in an weekly uptrend so the consolidation before a reversal is longer, meaning that the downtrend will be huge!
Patience is the key to success here in this trade. I am also short on EURCAD , you can go take a look at my EURCAD analysis for more details. Thanks alot . Good luck to everyone and keep learning!
weekly level
I'm really confident in to this bearrish momentum incoming from EURAUD... AUD is currently about to go up and EUR DOWN... CHF pairs are moving like EUR... when they lose value CADCHF, USDCHF goes up... I'm currently on a buy on CADCHF, USDCHF and short on EURCAD, EURAUD. I'm almost at my buy limit entry for AUDUSD.... (30 pips away)
Here is an Eliott view =)
評論: Profit!
woop,woop!!! oi!
dundeeboi dundeeboi
@dundeeboi, Nice gdp numbers
Looking nice now mate!!! oi !
jolicoeur342 dundeeboi
@dundeeboi, yeahhh man =D Looking like pips are about to be ours =)
Bummer I got well clipped,all good.Get short again.
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