Euro inflation down for several months & Good Speech by Gov S.

FX_IDC:EURAUD   歐元 / 澳幣
213 1
gold is also up by a lot.
評論: riding this to tp3.. Aud Monetary came out slightly upbeat
評論: always stick with the plan.. I admit.. I 4got about the ECB member saying that Euro inflation will be down for sometime.. took up tp tp2 so that's good but could have had more.. try 2 see the big picture guys of fundamentals.. I apologize 2 placing down the the most recent eur aud chart as I 4got about this..
評論: Feb 29, 2016.-- Euro Core CPI went from 1.0 to 0.7 & China just lowered its reserve requirements which means more loans..which mean more growth.. Note things can be choppy in other pairs becuz the result of this plan takes awhile to be noticed
評論: sold at 1.523
取消訂單: Waiting till after aud statement
評論: was browsing & look at the importance of MY high volume S & R lines. despite me now making zones instead of lines but look at this. S & R is what my # 1 technical tool
nice.... hit all ... i just missed it...
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