Shorting the EURCAD, price within Weekly supply range.

FX:EURCAD   歐元 / 加元
116 2
Price has reached a weekly supply level .
Break of trendline indicates loss of momentum, sell orders are filling in.
Short limit order placed.

Will keep this post updated.
評論: If you are applying Supply & Demand methodology in your trading plan, or mere interest,
Be sure to follow me on Tradingview and share your views.
交易進行: Limit order triggered. I''ve boarded the train.
評論: Price action to be forming inside day candle/piercing pattern for the past 4 days. This indicates an equilibrium of supply and demand. Lets see who causes the imbalance first.
交易結束:達到停損點: Price went higher after the pennant broke. Turns out wk supply had too much wick.
We have great RR ratio here :)
taikomin MaciekAthlone
@MaciekAthlone, Indeed we do my friend :D . Make sure to manage your trade based on your trading plan. I am never sure what will happen next. All the best!
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