EURJPY has a double top

FX:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
853 13 33
On this 4H chart, EJ             has a double top and rehit the ascending channel by several red candles.

This is a sign for short trade.

Short it for possibility of 300 pips from 123.99-121.

Less is more!
交易進行: was actived at 125.3...
評論: the short trade is now making 100 pips.
評論: tp1 123.
評論: hello guys, this short trade is now making us 140 pips.
評論: this pair you have 2 chances to get in short.
Now 123 is coming to us soon.
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@FUNTRADER-Vera @jojofang0901 ... is this a pullback or are we seeing a correction for a Long trade? Cheers
@gaptraderhq, i wont long . Im sorry to reply here so late.
gaptraderhq FUNTRADER-Vera
@FUNTRADER-Vera, thats ok ;o( haha
sorry, i just loose the target, and have some afraid for some gap of the weekend, thanks
@pimfx, how wss that happen.
Very nice trade setup, thank you for sharing your idea. i have similar view on this pair as well.
hi, please tell me: i most continue or is time to close
@pimfx, why ?
Thank you ;)
@chrisi1995, you are welcome.
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