EURJPY SHORT with Price Action Confirmation

FX:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
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EURJPY SHORT with Price Action Confirmation
Today EURJPY retested 136.00 which is the previous
breaking down structure.

and now in daily chart a long wick is forming.

Therefore we can short EURJPY now at 135.58

aim 133.50 AND 130.78
SL: 136.30
交易結束:達到停損點: Hit 136.30 means new high is created.
therefore exit the trade
lose 70 pips
Trade actived again.
if you are stopped out, we may encounter a fake break out.
based on the inside bar strategy, u can re-enter.
Great Fall
Great Fall
Sorry,but it hit stop loss 2 times
RealR fuadheydar
@fuadheydar, Watch his explanation:
@RealR, Amazing video you should do this more often
double topped now looks good to go
I got alot of cash from your analyzes
a key of success trad with low risk
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tntsunrise Hunterxxx
@Hunterxxx, welcome!
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My trade ended with the SL at 136.30!!
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THIS IS A GOOD TRADE!!!!!! I bet you will prove everyone wrong with this trade. I have a heavy sell on this. I am 99% sure this will go down.
RicSter1 hamzahamzamasood
@hamzahamzamasood, dont sell your house!!!
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