VIDEO IDEA: EURJPY Multiple Timeframe Analysis

FX:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
In this Video , I shared how to use the top-down approach for new traders to develop a trade

I am not going to write the detail here, but everything, everything is in the video.

So , if you want to learn and master the multiple time frame analysis and apply later by yourself to find more trade.

click the video and leave your comment here if you think it is helpful.

In this video I also teach how to set Stop loss , and what is risk/reward ratio, what is structure breakout trade.

Learn as much as you can :)

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Hi Jack, the current EURJPY is now high at 135 range(31.12.17) do you think it will anytime go down soon?thanks
don't touch this trade it is in major consolidation
Fantastic Support! Haha

Never sell something that looks downside before you have confirmation.

Chart looked downside but never broke the trendline
+2 回覆
SL touched?
+2 回覆
kushagra813 watsonzou26
@watsonzou26, yes it did
+1 回覆
very good analysis .thank you sir. I am short from 133.322
amazing bullish wave destroyed all EURJPY bearish idea...
+3 回覆
This Pair very bullish.. I Think this trade doesent work
+2 回覆
Thanks so much indeed.
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