EU looks to be in BIG trouble

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評論: Massive dump
評論: Timber
I wonder what could be the reason for Eur sell-off.
srikanthrajj srikanthrajj
@srikanthrajj, found this, The world markets fell today as investors feared that the financial crisis in Turkey would affect the developed markets. The Turkish economy has faced a major challenge in the past few months with inflation expected to move above 15%
99nines srikanthrajj
@srikanthrajj, hey, yea... I don't really believe in news or fundementals for that matter on why price moves.. I believe it's all geometry embedded in the markets and news follows it, without even knowing.
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Hi, I believe opposite is going to happen. One week ago on Tuesday a massive USD purchasing operation pushed EUR with its back to the wall and it didn't want to go below 1.15. Since then it has gained more strength against the USD and it looks more and more that UJ is going to fall as I predicted and therefor EU is going to rise.

99nines ArnaudKleinveld
@ArnaudKleinveld, doubt it :) but we'll see
99nines ArnaudKleinveld
@ArnaudKleinveld, yea... no..
Agreed. And Amen to that!
Thanks for your insight. Was looking for top at 1.2540's. Did not noticed previous rising trendline.
99nines joao665
@joao665, you were exactly right ;)
That's what I'm thinking too.
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