EURUSD 180, forex about complete the structure

109 2
Nice pair to trade at the market open,the setup is ready. We have the third bounce (DAILY TM ) on major ascending TL plus double pattern formation: 1) DOUBLE BOTTOM
We have a nice RR ratio and all split in two TPs cause if we fail to break above 1,2070 area could come into play a TRIPLE TOP pattern.

Note: About the title is cause every day that go and i look at my charts every time i see at forex like to complete the structure almost as if it were geometric and with a precise form. But speaking isn t so easy to understand when there will be a nice example i ll post here.
anyway let's see how this play out.
評論: wait to have price above 1,1940 for buy entry
評論: says better a closing bull candle above red line at 1,1940
評論: wait we want a bull closing on that level!
評論: SL to BE hiGh volatility tomorrow risk trade not with SL to BE lol
評論: hit SL at BE maybe better closed it first the bull never take the control!
ALso form Inverse Head and shoulder pattern
mxxtrader Hectictraders
@Hectictraders, yeah man write it on point 2:) also if isn't so clean i wanna see a bull close above 1,1940
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