Eur Usd 2 hold the half of the Mountain Level

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
322 3 8
FOMC Minutes went as expected.. March Rate Hike is not on the table.. Eur Usd 2 also hold this high level..? I think so.
評論: Next week..USD News Expectations are HORRIBLE
評論: an update on 1 hour chart.. it bounced off orange bar.. its a good support level on the hourly chart
評論: things 2 look at -- see if French Flas Manufacturing PMI has been inclining ever soo much towards 50.- marck since Mid 2014, see if it goes above. See if German Flash Manufacturing PMI doesnt goo below 51.5 . German Falh Services PMI has been doing fine. no dramatic decline will be fine. A minor setbac in Flash Manufacturing PMI wont throw Euro off. *** German Ifo Business cannot be below 105.7.. US Consumer confidence.. below anything below 94.6 shows a possible down turn in consumer confidence.. see if unemployment dramatically spikes..US Gdp slowing down wont help.. trade balance results can make things eiffy or push USD further in a direction
評論: if German Ifo Business Climate doesn't come out strong.. id get out.. Next week's news expectations for USD looks phenomenal.
評論: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/calendar this is a new site im looking at.. it proves news expectations like a month ahead


USD News Expectations are HORRIBLE
What do you mean by that?
the expectations of the economic news release
That's good, anything goes like planned. Horrible economic news release for USD, So my long eurusd, is good! Yea. News just accelerate pre-determined market ! :)
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