EURUSD Forecast Week 2016 October 24-28

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
We have big down bar by week. Thinking, that big guys looking a long term Bulls trend...


BUY 1,087 SL 35 TP 1,096
SELL 1,1025 SL 30 TP 1,094
That's very nice charting model! Do you programme the green/red boxes?
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No, its just week range... But i also using volume profile...
Thank you! I think the week range is very useful, and we may draw fibo-levels based on the week range, including levels between (0 and 1) in case of consolidation in the week at T+1, but also between (0 and -2) and (1 and 3)... It will be very interesting to see that thing! You may try it out for past weeks and see some correlations ;-)

By the, where I may find that week's range?

Thank you!!
Try to do the following for week T0 and for week T+1

1. For week T0 you identify the highest and the lowest level on the week's range.
2. Based on that levels, you build up Fibonacci Retracement Levels, where 0 (0%) level is at the lowest point of the week's range, and 1 (100%) level is at the highest (or vice versa).
3. You go at the Properties of the Fibo Retracement levels, and you put the following ones (for example)

a/ for the range between 0 and 1 (0% and 100%), you input the following:
0.145898, 0.381966, 0.5, 0.681034, 0.763932, 0.909830
b/ for the range >1+, you input the following
1.381966, 1.618034, 2.381966, 3
c/ for the range <0, you input the following
-1.381966, -1.618034, -2.381966, -3

This can have very nice predicting properties ;-)

Cheers! Good luck
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