Fist's RVGI Crossover/Wave Trend Comparator (LazyBear Scripts)

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Just a new combination of indies from the incomparable and generous LazyBear. I was having trouble scripting the the RVGI (Realtive Vigour Index) and LazyBear came to my help - I am enormously grateful.

Publishing here at 15m but effective for Binaries on shorter time frames, especially 1m.

Both RVGI and Wave Trends lengths are set to 10. For more energy/ volatility , you can set these lower (suggest you keep same length on both, but have a play).

Wave Trend is principal indie but you can use RVGI for confirmation. In Oversold/Overbought zones. suggest you wait for green signal line to drop below/push above o/s and o/b lines and trade 5m on 1m chart in signal direction.

For crossovers not in o/s o/b zones, suggest trades of 2m or 3m .

RVGI is useful as additional confirmation of Wave Trend and vice versa. I wouldn't trade RVGI arrows on their own. It's not a daft arrow-trade system - be wise.

As always, test test test and see what works for you. Don't ignore general price action or fortune will ignore you.

Thank you LazyBear. This is why this community is so great.

If you're not familar with RVGI, look it up :-)


hey mate. interesting. how do i get this indicator?
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hey thanks for putting this out! i can't seem to find the RVGI OVERLAY indicator. do you mind sharing the link whenever you get the chance? that would be much appreciated!
jaythetrader69 jaythetrader69
@jaythetrader69, or i mean the arrows. thanks in advance!
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