How I Trend Trade with Ichimoku (SSB) ... ALSO VERY IMPORTANT

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This should be another eye-opener for you guys. If it is not, then you are missing something.

Previous flat SSB can make obstacles for price moving? And we need use his as target?

Flat SSB’s in a retracement is critical levels
Good job

However, try to use the latest SSB movement so for the current retracement the critical lines are those where the kumo was going up
Off course all previous lines will work but the most recent are the most critical
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zzzzlzzzz Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, Thank You! You make world better!

Thank you
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ok lest see if i got it, the KS line is flat!!! for 25+ candles so im expecting a break out, before de breakout both TS and SSB turn up, even though, i need confirmation of the breakout, my bias should be bullish??? is that what you are trying to say, what could be a good stop loss place for this image, if it was a current chart; im struggling a bit with my stops placements, thank u in advance for your response, im really enjoyng your materia. :)
Thank you,

I have no idea what you are referring to. This slide talks about SSB. The slide that talks about KS does not mention anything about TS for the breakout.
So, to help me, please just put this remark on the proper slide and tell me what I said so I know.

As for your stop, don't struggle. Always have it at the H/L that will change the KS direction
good luck
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araguaney Ichimoku_Trader
i was talking about this slide, maybe i got it all wrong. i was trying to say that the very last parto of the SSB seems to move up, so if i apply what i learn with KS that signals that the market wants to move there, in a higher time frame also the ts move up, so i will expect the movement in the undecided timeframe (the one we are currently in , will be in that direction. but i dont know for sure if what im saying made sense, ( im from Venezuela) so sorry in advance for my englis lol
1. Always trade the KS. The other lines are there to guide you. Do not trade them
2. If you play this chart, you will see that what you concluded is 100% correct. But notice that even KS is up.
3. Your english is perfect

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araguaney Ichimoku_Trader
ok thank u very much. you are right the KS was also up, i though it was like a false up, but not since the CS did broke the price high, thank u very much for your help.
good luck
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