Identify Exploding Momentum Quickly

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hi fellow traders,

I have published a new script to assist you in trading.

As day and short term traders, we need strong movement,
to save our time and
allow us to trade only when we expect a lot of movement,
I have built this script.

Simple Rule : Trade when it enters green zone. That's it.
Avoid trading when in red zone and preferably, blue zone too.

You can find the script and further explanation when you click on the picture below.
Also, you can find it in related ideas mentioned.

You can use this by 2 ways :

1. Copy Paste the code on the script page in 'Pine Editor' and select 'Add to Chart'.
2. Select Indicator on your chart, and search for ADX Color Easy.

Note : On the main chart of the EURUSD in this idea, I have marked the time when ADX entered the Green Zone, with vertical blue lines.

Entry and Exit strategy is according to you ( you can combine this with various other strategies ), the objective of this is to instantly identify trend strength without any effort.

P.S. It works best on 1H tf for me.

Glad to help.


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