EURUSD Watch price action during ECB Press conference

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Hi fellows, we are still bearish on EURUSD for longer term. We are having sideways market. The way last wave is rising does not look like so aggressive which mean we may see strong bearish evidence at any time on current price. For that watch price action on this pair during ECB press conference. During that it can push up slightly but i believe it will remain bearish for longer term. In case we see strong bearish evidence during ECB press conference then will look for strong impulse for short. If you are looking to short every time when price hit the top then thats not a good technique. You should watch price behavior every time when price hit the top and then you should look for sell. We are still having short term bullish trend on lower time frame so be careful. It looks like that price is forming Trend reversal pattern on lower time frame which has not completed yet but soon will complete and once completed we mat see strong rejection. If i will see the strong bearish evidence on lower time frame i will update the chart.
評論: DXY,
評論: DXY
評論: Watch TCP
評論: Here we got the TCP ( trend continuation pattern formation ) one more up move is possible fellows or watch strong breakout.
評論: we are having same formation on DXY but this is bullish fellows.
評論: Watch another breakout
評論: Watch for continuation
評論: we are having bigger TCP. As long as price will stay under the Impulse we are short. In case price break up the top. Then we will look for another Impulse before any sell. Here is the update.
評論: Watch breakout of the bottom during USA retails sales news event

Some new update :)?
Wave-Trader nightfoxFX
@nightfoxFX, I will update the chart mate. We are breaking the high let's wait for some time. Once I will see setup I will update
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Thank you for update as usual.
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seeing price tested the weekly low and got rejected...Daily weekly still bullish intact
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Archaicsiman Archaicsiman
@Archaicsiman, and currently its making bullish flag or reversal channel at H1 , setup for upside
very nice analysis
Green pop up from the yellow
i like your chart
What's next for this week?
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