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Hi guys, what do you think about this swing? For us, it is real possible. Now, we have to look at the market opening, if we see a first bearish leg, it might be interesting to take a short position on rebound (C) and follow the development of second leg (CD). So, from this evening, we will start following the pair only on H4 time frame trying to develop a clear setup (entry and stop). It is possible try to take long position (speculative) on support.

If you want to reward our work ... thank you for your " I LIKE " and trade with care!

評論: New high for eurusd during the first half of the session, and our choice to wait for the second bearish leg before taking a short position, seems to have been corrected. Now the pair perfectly works our resistance (see chart below). Let's see the next swing ...

Thank you for your support and trade with care!
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Thank you Sir!
The head shoulders PO from 1.0350 to 1.1350 target working with a neck line where at 1.0850 was tested. We have 500 pips 1X doubled to 1000 pips. If we have 1600 pips from 1.0350 then a target 1.1950 as the second leg of 1000 pips. We have 1.1950 minus 1000 pips where is at 1.0950 as testing back new neck line. From 1.0950 we have the second 1600 pips to 1.2450 where is upper range peak between 1.1450- 1.2450.
Time is not for sure but those targets have more possibilities, it depends on volatility of the forex market, as I predicted during USDCNY pegging the wave shall be huge.
There's no time at all in the universe, it's a feeling of human being. Victor.Y.F
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Victor.Y.F Victor.Y.F
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I posted yesterday a comment here .Why did you removed my comment?Because I was right and EUR/USD goes long thats why you removed my comment?
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