EXP broke out, now in correction and ready to go up again

BITTREX:EXPBTC   Expanse / Bitcoin
EXP broke out as I warned you this weekend and is in a correction right now.
It already reached my blue box and might break out to the upside any moment.
Wait for the break out and buy for a ride up, blue box is first target but very likely that we will see more up.
Sep 12
評論: Breaking out to the upside again, looks like correction is finished.
Target on the chart



First of all, thanks for the post! What are your ideas now?
I believe EXP reached the bottom of the extended correction, since it reached a higher high of 0.00042 and higher low of 0.00030205

I will buy some with a tight stop of 0.000301, risk reward ration of ca. 1/5.

Lets see,
You are the master of charting arent you ? LMAO !
Crypto_Ed GreekMiner
@GreekMiner, ah....nice...lets start the day wiht a troll who is proud of criticizing others. First of all: I dont have a crystall ball. I never pretend to be a Master of Charting, Market can dump suddenly, i can make mistakes...whatever. But: I started going public with my charts 11 weeks ago, in the meantime I have 17k followers on Twitter, I do training courses and a Webinar service.
All together about 100 members who pay a lot of money to listen to my shitty charting.
So, I guess something i do might be pretty okay. Maybe....
How about you? How do you spend your day? Criticizing others and not publishing charts yourselve?

Be proud, you made me starting the day with a smile...thankfull what my shitty charting is bringing me.
GreekMiner Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, First of all TA isnt just 2 lines & 2 boxes , i feel sorry for those who are paying you too teach them TA , but hey this is internet everyone can say & claim whatever he like,
About your twitter followers re audit your account Twitter Audit Report
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Last updated 2 months, 1 week ago.

Because im sure that 95% of your followers are bots ,
Its always good to smile , im just marking from time to time the shit shillers that claim to be gurus, no one of us got a crystal ball but at least they putting some effort on TA
Have a nice day ! ^^
Crypto_Ed GreekMiner
@GreekMiner, you must have a sad life. Tell me where ever did I claim to be a guru? You have no idea how I do my TA, but I guess it will be waste of time explaining you. You have your opinion, fine but go do something usefull instead of trying to be some kind of wannabe crypto-police. What the hell went wrong in your life that you spent time on checking peoples Twitter followers? LMAO.
In case you reply: I'm not, I prefer to avoid this kind of negative energy.
GreekMiner Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, wrote: Tell me where ever did I claim to be a guru? " I do training courses and a Webinar service.
All together about 100 members who pay a lot of money to listen to my shitty charting. "

You bragged about your 17k twitter followers which is BS as well , no i dont have any idea how you do your TA , neither do you , since you arent showing on your chart,
Nothing wrong in my life dude, just doing my DYOR on the "callers"
No negative energy at all ! Cheers! :)
Hi Ed,

What's your call on EXP now? Looks like it's bouncing off of the resistance turned support but is your target still the blue box?
Still long on this one?
@Bartje, Would like to know as well.
Bartje subieguy527
@subieguy527, it's mentioned in his Marketwatch on Youtube. @ Ed, bedankt ik kijk het nog even aan.
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