Breakout Downtrend Line and Consolidation (Weekly Chart)

NYSE:F   福特汽车公司
Trend line Breakout with a clear price consolidation after the breakout (seven weeks of consolidation).
But now what:
1. Because the ideas (picks) that I share are for long term Investing (Swing or Positions) the reader can opt for two options buy now or wait if the price start to going up then you need to establish a target based in resistance levels and the other aspect with this stock is that this is a well known Company and maybe you wanna buy and hold.
In any case there are a lot of options based on your financial possibilities and intentions you can do with this stock but in this example because is based in Technical Analysis my opinion is buy and establish a price target, in this case the target is 18.00 approximately (18.00 is just an opinion for trading)
Again I repeat this stock idea need the support of Fundamental Analysis in the case you wanna buy and hold. Fundamental Analysis is your homework

Material for learning:
More Fundamentals:

Opinions are for educational purposes. I am not licensed to provide investment advice
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