FCTBTC What we expect

BITTREX:FCTBTC   Factom / Bitcoin
FCTBTC Actually we look closely to find any extra signs refers to uptrend move but we couldn't
as shown in chart FCT was moving in a parallel channel since Abril 2016, then break it down in October 2017.
it was moving with low to normal volume but before breaking, it's jumped up from the lower border of the channel with high volume in mid of August, the jump made more than 100% - from 0.00375 to 0.00742-
On Dec 8 it's jumped more than 400% - form 0.001025 to 0.00438- exactly the same price range but the low price made it huge
Coincidence met our old parallel channel
SO what if it rises by Whales ?????
We expect they will never can move it up more than their peak @ 0.0073 of course after crossing the 0.382 ret. @0.00624

Thank you
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評論: Until now chart said our expect was right
NO entry now
評論: FCTBTC couldn't break our channel up, It trying again now
our advice is BUY if it can enter inside the channel @0.005512
And of course, go short if it fails again.
Best wishes ....
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