Factom / Bitcoin Support Area To Watch

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While Bitcoin has been extremely strong over most altcoins, Factom suffered his part and during the past 48 hours declined from btc  0.0022, down to the current price btc  0.001. It lost over 50% to Bitcoin in a heartbeat, but this drop cannot last forever.

Currently, Factom approached the strong psychological support at btc 0.001, which is right between the 227.2% and 261.8% Fibonacci, applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout. Clearly, the support area is between btc 0.0009 and 0.0011. At the same time, two lower trendlines of the extended descending channels are crossing that area.

Seems like its an important price for Factom and therefore should be watched very closely. If it will be rejected, the potential trend reversal might be expected. But break below btc  0.0009 will most likely send it lower and/or extend the consolidation.
評論: Looking good
評論: Factom at the downtrend trendline, if breaks above, will go much higher
評論: For now, these are the targets

Resistance 1: 0.0026
Resistance 2: 0.0028
Resistance 3: 0.0031
HiTech CharlesCoinCing
@CharlesCoinCing, should go higher, but i am out already
Targets for next leg up? I think its going to break
HiTech sensei77
@sensei77, no targets yet
keep these up man ur overlooked and i think ur on the way to top author.
+2 回覆
Maybe looking at it from the FCT/USD perspective would make you feel a little better. I'm taking small amounts of BTC profits in alts as I go instead of shorting.
HiTech tchat
@tchat, well i consider Factom one of the better coins and sooner or later it will fly... just a matter of time, shouldn't be long
Factom is at ATL (All Time Low), is this Abbreviation new to Crypto? seems like we should get used to ATL from now on.
HiTech sigmas55
@sigmas55, well, if you look the dollar value not many suffered, its just bitcoin killing them at the moment
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