FTC is changing direction and looking good -

BITTREX:FTCBTC   Feathercoin / Bitcoin
FTC had some good days in the past and this coin helped me get through some red days. We have seen it change direction yesterday and looks like it is going to change direction again tonight. I think it is going to go back up and we should enjoy some nice % of profit from it.

My 1st target is 3950 - but to be honest I think it will do a lot more. After that i am aiming for 4500 and then 5800.

I have added a stop loss at 2600.

Hope this will come true - don't invest what you can't lose, buy low and sell high and the most important thing is - Nobody knows whats going to happen and most of us (including me) don't really know what they are doing. it's all just ideas and trading analysis that can go both ways so again - don't place all your eggs in one basket and never take a risk that you can handle.

評論: Update - Looks like it has broken and now it is getting started a bit earlier then I thought. always good. we are getting to the 1st target.
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