FTSEMIB Weekly - Update - 27/01/2018 09:29:28

FTSEMIB Weekly - Update - 27/01/2018 09:29:28

Fourth week upward with decreasing strength
closing under multiday R1 support at 23879.84
it makes me think that the strength will continue to dim bringing even
a few negative candles in the next two weeks
which could lead us to test weekly support
placed at 23331.58

New high at 24050.15, which I think will not be retouched next week.

The next week I expect the beginning of a fall, to make it resume
breath to the trend, which remains firmly long.

Fall that should not extend below S3 to 23203.57.

Reached S3 will open two hypotheses, end of decline and new rise for zone 24118
continuation of the decline for another week by zone 22704

The weekly adx is positive in contraction, the Fisher indicator is firmly
long, therefore any rebates should not lead to an inversion.

The indicator CM_laguerre, is still lateral and gives no indication.

Weekly Resistance: 24050.150
Weekly Support: 23331.580

FTSEMIB Index - Last Value: 23856.99
CROC X1 - Supports / Resistances - Multiday (TF - 1H)

R1 = 23879.84
PIVOT = 23712.83
S1 = 23545.82
S2 = 23436.02
S3 = 23203.57

CROC X3 - Last Signal (Long Period - TF 1D)
LONG from 22011.59
since 04/01/2018
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