FUELBTC - Potential 20-40% Profit

BINANCE:FUELBTC   Etherparty / Bitcoin
FUEL seems to be moving in an ascending triangle towards the upper right point, as well as towards general upper resistance. If FUEL can break out of triangle and through resistance, there is a potential for 20-40% profit.

I must stress:

- Wait for breakout to confirm entry, do not enter earlier.
- This is just an idea.

Will post targets in next comment.

Happy Hunting.
評論: Once Breakout is Confirmed:

1. 1192 sats
2. 1397 sats

As always, use SL for protection on every trade.
With take profit / sell orders, set them BELOW targets, before resistance is able to reject candles.
評論: Still respecting ascending triangle, which is good. Hopefully we see some bullish movements soon.

Not yet ready for entry - Need a breakout first.
評論: Price bounced off strong resistance. Although a small breakout of triangle, I would wait until we pass through this level. There is multiple touches at this level, suggesting we should wait for a full breakout before committing to a position.

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