FUN/BTC - Good moment to step in, high returns possible

BITTREX:FUNBTC   FunFair / Bitcoin
FunFair has been looking very promising as a project and big news is coming up as I've read in an article. Looking to the trading information we can see that FUN/BTC is looking for a move, with strong bullish indicators. This would be a good moment to step in given that this would be the lowest price to buy into the triangle before it potentially moves through the first resistance area .

*Binance is a growing exchange that is very user friendly. As it has just been launched it has reduced the trading fees to 0.5% if you have a small number of their coin (BNB) in your wallet. Registration is recommeded and using my referral link is highly appreciated: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11955863

*You are the decision maker in your trading, I cannot be held responsible for your losses
評論: Indicators look promising for quite a while already. Just waiting for the breakthrough to happen..
評論: Hopefully you picked up at the right time. You might have been able to make a short-term profit if you bought at the recommended time and sold it at the top of the triangle. If so, do not forget to buy in now as we are entering the end of the triangle! Indicators looking BULLISH!
評論: My triangle has proven to be wrong, but the consolidation is obviously still going on. I will publish a new idea soon with the news/correct triangle!
Thanks for writing this! Picked up some more on this dip.
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