GAS to NEO ratio

This graph is showing there is more upside potential in GAS than NEO. Use BINANCE:GASBTC/BINANCE:NEOBTC to view.
In the meanwhile.... I am all-in into GAS (instead of NEO). Still waiting for the day to go back into NEO:D
Altinvesting Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, I exited this trade a long time ago. GAS and NEO have no confirmed bottoms in yet buying now is kind of a gamble.
Matthijs1989 Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, When is a bottom really confirmed?
Altinvesting Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, Research how to identify trend reversals. For me to call this graph bullish I would want to see higher lows and higher highs being continuously formed over a longer time frame (weekly/monthy graphs). Right now with the ratio sitting in the all time low range this is not bullish at all.
Matthijs1989 Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, Hi there! It looks like something is changing. But it may take a while. Let's see.
Finally! Somebody doing GAS/NEO! Thank you very much. I dumped all my NEO into GAS couple days/weeks ago and now I am waiting for GAS to outperform NEO. Then we go back into NEO. Please keep us updated.
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Altinvesting Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, You'll have to be patient and quick to trade when the time is right to flip to NEO. GAS and NEO were practically the same price in October and I expect it will happen again some day but all the NEO holders will be quick to sell their accumulated GAS for NEO so you have to be quick.
Matthijs1989 Altinvesting
@Altinvesting, I am investing since 2016 and I have experienced who fast these flippenings can go. I bought a lot of Antshares in the good time, but after reading a lot (A LOT!) about the NEO ecosystem I noticed that GAS is a much better investment. I think you know all the reasons. However, in the meanwhile, I think I will switch from NEO to GAS to NEO etc. It is nice, because you will stay in the NEO ecosystem and I am a fan of the project. From BTC to ALT is more risky (for me, I just can't stop being emotional....). The main question with regard to you chart is: what would be the correct ratio to go back into NEO. Please have a look at the date August 9, 2017 --> the ratio was then 1 GAS = 1.23 NEO. I would be fine if I can swith it back when it is 1:1 but I think that maybe we first have to hit that ATM and after that it can be way higher. It could easily be 2 or 3, because of the fact you can hold 0.1 of 0.001 GAS. And once transfering NEO or developers need GAS for their apps, then it will skyrocket - I am for sure!~ So.... difficult. Going back to NEO when the ratio is 1 or 1.5? Do you have a plan for this? I do a lot of research and I have contact with people in Asia, but it is funny that there isn't a lot of (good) information about this topic. Whales will keep trying to get as much GAS as possible. Any thoughts? Sorry for my grammatic sometimes, not a native English speaker/writer.
Matthijs1989 Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, who fast = HOW fast / you chart = YOUR chart... damn where is the edit button
Altinvesting Matthijs1989
@Matthijs1989, I don't really watch this chart honestly. I plan to sell when I hit my targets on USD or BTC graph. I probably will not flip back into NEO in the short term. I think it is possible for the ratio to go above 1 GAS = 1 NEO but I don't think it will happen easily or if it does it will be very quick. I think you will have to wait a year + for 1 GAS to be more than 1 NEO and to sustain that price. NEO holders receive all the spent GAS on NEO platform. Also NEO holders are the ones that set the fee prices in GAS. Long term you want NEO but short term I think GAS is very misunderstood and undervalued.
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