GAS/USDT - Speculative or long term hold?

I have followed two people on Trading view Goldbug1 and Alan Masters- both have cult status. They have different styles of trading but they are a wealth of great information and are a large part of my success. Alan posted a tech chart on GAS and it made me a little more curious.
I took the trade as a speculative day trade - however when I anaylsed the chart again I found it has massive profit potential.
Rarely have I seen a chart as weird as this price fell comet like as soon as this ICO was listed- more like water than gas.
History tells me that price will always revert to mean reversion that is - 50% of the rise or fall.
The parallel channel gives me a clue. It's not a perfect channel price barely respected it. However, price is now clearly broken the downward support line changing the trend from a bearish consolidation to a bullish breakout.
8 years of trading taught me how to measure and take profit where most of the bulls and bears will.
Measure the channel and double it - this is the first target= 4.764 Fib extension of the 1st corrective wave after the decline and the 0.618 of the 1st daily candle.
thank you for your analysis, I was wondering if this coin would go up more and you made me keep it a little longer and it pays off so far! And I was wondering if think ENRG coin is a good trade. I saw it by following Alanmaster and dislike a 2 opinion on it before jumping in.
@Mickael01, Check out my ENRG plan - I have held this coin and I will wait for my target to be reached. Stick with your plan!
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Not sure i understand what your saying ( in french ). You say that gas is still bullish ?
Mickael01 Mickael01
@Mickael01, sorry for my mistakes, i'm french and still strugguling to understand english trading terms.
adiver Mickael01
@Mickael01, c'est struggling :)
adiver Mickael01
@Mickael01, bullish yep !
@adiver, ha Perfect and thank you for the help!
@Mickael01, Yes of course.
Hello, anyone can help me? I have gas at binance, Total balance: 6.07704000. Available Balance : 0.00704000 -----> why the available balance only 0.00704000 ?
Now i want to sell it, but when i'm at Trade page, my balance 0 so i can not process selling it. Really confuse. How can it be like this?
ArasKocaoglan parisian788
@parisian788, probably you already gave an order to sell and the order is on your open orders. If it is so you first need to cancel that order to give another order.
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