GBPCAD Bullish Gartley Pattern and inside day long oppotunity

FX:GBPCAD   英鎊 / 加元
USDCAD dropped significantly on Friday on the U.S and Canada numbers, which may create some trading opportunities on these minor pairs.
GBPCAD has a daily gartley pattern and an inside day, so if it's able to break to the upside, it could be a solid long trade!

Let's see how it goes!

================================================= (link to TradingView live chart)
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Jan 10
評論: got the 1st kick @ 1.6980, trail the others yo!
Jan 12
評論: put the out below 1.6920 to trail!
Jan 26
評論: put the out below 1.7050 to trail , 700 pips open profit lol.
Mar 26
評論: Put the out below 1.77 to trail, 1400 pips profit!
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