Standard Deviation Channel Uptrend

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A nice upward trend riding on standard deviation channel bouncing low to high and back to low. However, the Friday close had indicated a rejection of the median line and short trade can be initiated (sell stop at below candle). Stop loss at recent high. Target profit 1 at low of channel and TP 2 and break of channel (further development to be observed).

Please practice trade management and size your lot size according to your account capital.

Imagine this. If your account is $100, 1% win brings $1, no big deal. Even if lose, no big deal.
However, if your account is $1M, 1% win brings $10K. Rather big deal, which is months of salary of most of us in general. So please do not underestimate the power of 1%.

Please like this post, if you agree with me.

Trade 2 still active hence i will not consider this trade as my Tradingview journal 2018.

Trade 1: Lost (Direction is right after all, accepted that stop loss is hit)
Trade 2: Active (See link below)
交易進行: Trailing H4.
交易進行: The long term channel up has broken, retest. Will be fast to 134.500
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