Multi Time Frame Stochastic Loaded With Features.

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Multi Time Frame Stochastic Loaded With Features.

- Ability to turn On/Off Crosses Only Above or Below High/Low Lines.
- User sets Values Of High/Low lines.
- Ability to turn On/Off All Crosses, Both BackGround Highlights and “B”, “S” Letters.
- Ability to turn On/Off BackGround Highlights if Stoch is Above Or Below High/Low Lines.
- Ability to All or Any Combination of these Features.

Multi Timeframe Capabilities:
- Stoch defaults to current timeframe. You can change to many other timeframes.
- Ability to turn On/Off Plotting 2nd Stoch on same TimeFrame with different settings
- Ability to turn On/Off Plotting 2nd Stoch on Different TimeFrame

Much More…All Inputs and Options are Adjustable in Inputs Tab.
Love this indicator. CM is king;) does anybody know how to set up the alerts? I have tried different settings, but can't get it to work. Would be great if somebody that got it to work could post a screenshot of the settings. Cheers
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How do you add alerts for the vertical lines?
Hello, what is the best way to use to make profit with this indicator?
+2 回覆 can I get this indicator
ChrisMoody AbdulManafBinYusuf
At the top of the most right under the main post you will see a link to related ideas. That is where the indicator is.
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dpanday ChrisMoody
@ChrisMoody, I can't find the indicator
Hi Chris, The script looks great. Thanks for generously sharing the script. The reason I found tradingview was to be able to set up an indicator something like this one. Yours may be even better than what I had in mind. Have you back tested it? what are the results. Is it possible to backtest on trading view?

I am not yet a pro member but can become one if I can set up what I want and back test it. If you know, please let me know.

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I'm new to the site. I'm thrilled to discover your MTF stochastic tool.
Is there a way to add "Monthly" timeframe on a daily chart?
Yes...But you'll have to do a minor modification to the code. I'll tell you exactly what to do

The code gives you the ability to plot one or two Stochastic Indicators..both being different timeframes.

If you want the main Stochastic....that plots the Background highlights at crosses...Then..
1. Open Source Code
2. On Line 16 it says the far right it says default value with 60 in Parenthesis....Change the 60 to M -- Then Press Save
3. Put on Daily chart and on the inputs tab uncheck ---- Use current chart resolution. It will default to Monthly since you changed the default value from 60 to M ... b/c M is Monthly

Or you can plot two Stochastics...Don't Uncheck Use Current Chart Resolution....Go To Daily Chart
1. Open Source code.
2. Line 18 resCustom2 --- at the end of the line change the D to M -- Then press Save
3. On inputs Tab Check Show 2nd stoch

Either of those options will work. IF you ever use the dropdown box to use a different time resolution...To use Monthly again you will need to open source code. On Line 1 (which is grayed out and not part of the code...type in a letter...then erase the letter you typed...and press Save Again...Then when you check or uncheck the boxes listed above it will default to monthly

Let me know if you need any help
jayboo ChrisMoody
Awesome. It works!
If it's not too much to ask, can a MTF version be built for DMI as well?
Thanks again.
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