Weekly Pespective (GBPJPY)

OANDA:GBPJPY   英鎊 / 日圓
Hey Guys,
The pair formed a trend continuation pattern on the downside.We have our earlier trades open on this pair because we figured out that this pair has a huge potential.We have a minimum of 500 pips move downside.Don't forget to take this trade.I hope you guys who followed me got that trade & now be prepared for this move.

Note: Everything works with Best money management.
Note: Please leave comments for any query.
Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk.

Good Luck...!!
Growing Forex Team
評論: we have a continuation formation a good entry & a huge profit that's the potential this pair has.
評論: It is a bigger corective structure we though its going to be a short one but it is forming a irregular corrective structure.
評論: if you were following us you know what we are talking about this pair.
評論: A little bit of a complex correction believe your trades & hold it till it reaches the target.
評論: All GBP pairs are big time downside.Be patient and follow these pair you will be making serious money.So guys we have a little complex correction sort of irregular corrective structure.Look for sell below the the trend line if it breaks the trend like that would change the structure.
評論: guys we still have that one more drop on this pair.Be very conservative with this trade dont trade it aggressively manage your risk and your reward because its gonna be volatile tomorrow.
評論: Hey Guys,We were expecting a flat correction on this pair but that never happened we saw a simple correction and a clear move to the downside.Now look for lower degree continuation pattern formation to sell it.Goodluck
評論: similar flat correction that we expected
評論: we got that sell from the top with nice lower degree continuation confirming that its going down nice drop and we may see it more often because it can crawl if way to the bottom.we are again getting a sell opportunity on lower degree if you have the skill level do take that trade.
評論: hey guys we are all set for the last drop.We got that correcitve strucutre and looking for sell under the trendline but if in case it break the trendline or we see aspike we will sell once we see a lower degree continuation pattern formation to the downside.
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