Bullish Pattern Combo of GBPJPY in 1H chart

FX:GBPJPY   英鎊 / 日圓
65 0
In my previous post I mentioned a wave 5 downside structure of GBPJPY heading to 145, but I'd like to emphasize that all TA patterns can be broken by important FA factors, like Brexit, negotiation with EU,presidential election etc.When the market move against u or moving not so ideal as u expected, take actions accordingly , either stop loss or trade with the new trend.

In this chart we can see 2 bullish pattern: bullish bat and bullish cypher , hinting that strongly buyside bias around 147, so if u have short positions, watch out potential PRZ near 147.

TP1: 149.20
TP2: 149.90
SL: 147.5
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