FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
Following up on this weekends video, here's a look at how the GBPUSD             is progressing. If you remember I was looking for a potential retracement back into our previous level of structure & a chance to take advantage of a short-term shorting opportunity.

If the market puts in another equal measured move higher, it would leave price right the highs of a previous level of consolidation. At this level I would expect to see some relief. As always we want to be predictive in our analysis, yet reactive in our execution so I'll be waiting to see how price reacts first before getting involved.

Good Luck this week traders!! And if you'd like a video explanation you can click one of the links below.
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Tier One Trading Royale Ball
Hi @Akil_Stokes, here is my plan :) What do you think?
Akil_Stokes trading4fun
@trading4fun, Looks fine to me
Im short already took the trade at 0.618 retracement if goes that level you mentioned im out cause no good structure there and its a sign of reversal may continue upside after a small release. otherwise it may just drop this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
Ehsan666 Ehsan666
@Ehsan666, If test that level i will be looking for buy
@Ehsan666, Awesome
Ehsan666 Akil_Stokes

Oh I see you drew a zone i thought you wanted to sell at that last level you drew an arrow . well i hope you took the trade cause i see an engulfing in your 1h chart right at that supply level what else a trader would want. Awesome I wasnt around to ad to my position there unfortunately but im gonna keep it for test the low or even break downside.
@Ehsan666, Sounds good
@Ehsan666, Well done!
nice analysis.
+1 回覆
@dtech369, Thank you
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