GBPUSD Harmonic patterns combination and this inside 4hr

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
GBPUSD has a great harmonic patterns combination recently,
the bearish one perfectly caught the slump after Draghi's speaking.

Now it hit the bullish one and formed an inside 4hr, with abundant 8ema correction zoom.
That will be an interesting but risky long, while it's a good combination of harmonic patterns , inside bar , and EMA correction.

So I'll pay careful attention if it's able to break to the upside, if it breaks to the downside before breaking to the upside, this trade doesn't exist anymore.

Let's see how it goes!
Jun 15
取消訂單: broke to the downside! this trade doesn't exist anymore~
Jun 15

the breakdown just got its 1st kick lol
hi Joe, price hit 1.618 and pinbar formed in 1H chart. do you think it is ok to entry? pinbar of faith:)
tianmengdeng tianmengdeng
@tianmengdeng nvm price keep going down and destroy my faith XD
Trader_Joe_Lee tianmengdeng
@tianmengdeng, Such selling momentum I would only like to wait for reversal signs on 4hr chart though~
tianmengdeng Trader_Joe_Lee
@Trader_Joe_Lee, OH got a new knowledge point, thank you sir
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