short at 1.4168 to target 1.4030 (138pips) swing trading

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
short gbpusd             at 1.4168
euphoria due to weakness dollars
bad data for 1 week and he up only coz of weak $

was my swing trade of 138 pips

in 2x 1lot

i will cut first lot at + 50 pips and made a SL on second lot at +30 pips for secure 80 pips if it happnes
交易結束:目標達成: i got it because my balance enough and i not make SL on gthis kind of i won but is not the normal way to trade...but i use per opened trade just 1-33% of my margin th
評論: that why i can not make a SL on some trade that i know i will finish in gain
評論: the ratio was dangerous without the SL but when u are sure at 98% u need follow your idea,and not cut because you fear even is not the ""rules " of trading....many rules work in many case but every people trade different..and if i have closed in loss this trade i will lost 60-100 pips...but i got 200 pips so is a difference around 300 pips is when you know the market and the price action..sometimes not think about the rules if u have a big balance...this is sure it no work with 100-500$ balance,but for to can be profitable on long term need a bamance of at least 20 000$...many people say 50 000 -100 000 and even 200 000 but i can assume than 20 000 is largely enough for make easy a minimum of 1500$ per month and i said a real if u not have the balance listen this advise.

not trade with 500$.. u will lost it aroubd 10,20,30 time..just work play in demo and save money and when u have 10 000..start slowly to reach 15 000 after trade a bit more to reach 20 000 and you made your lot up month after month...and after is nt because u have 500 000$ that you should trade 50 time a bigger just stay relax and confortable u have 500 000 trade same as u have only 50 000$ and relax ,enjoy life without stress,your income will be enough to have a confortable life and still save money..i just wanna say that right now alone in my small office all we know a work who you feel lonely manytime and had for your mood...need to have a caring GF fr not become crazy and the week end go away from laptop and home ,doing sport,sleep well,relax maximum,we have just 1 not do all..Trading is a passion more than a job
I like what you just said bro thank you
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