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Hi fellows,

I hope everyone had a profitable week and enjoying the weekend. Here is an educational post that I would like to share and I hope its helpful.
There is Something we always tend to forget, and this is, to trade with the trend!

I posted this educational chart almost one year ago, and it has been performing amazingly well.
Previous post from June 2017,

I hope I have explained the chart well, and please let me know if you have any questions.

- Abdulla
Nice to see that you are back!
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Good to have you back brother!
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abdullatrader artvandaval
@artvandaval, Thank you!
Welcome back Bro, Thanks for sharing
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@viking_vp3, You're most welcome :)
Great to have u back on here.......im following you on etoro too......and im copying your trade....thou with little money cos im not a whale trader yet....hopefully ur trade will make me rich like you ...love your analysis n u r good at what u do......noticed that etoro has little crypto compare to others like Binance etc...will u still be giving analysis on other crypto as well here?
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@Smyle81, Thanks for following me and your kind words. I have decided that most of my trading ideas will be educational material and sharing my thoughts on the medium-term outlook of different markets. This will include stocks, currencies, commodities, crypto, etc.

Have a great day.
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welcome back - I'm so happy you made it back on time!
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@TraderHase, Thank you
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Great to hear from you again :-)
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