GBPUSD**Long for W5

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
959 1
see Bullish Butterfly
Price hold by channel bottom, likely going to bounce for wave 5.
Buy after breaking out resistant level $1.292
Estimated entry:$1.289

The Fundamentals:
Jun 8,United Kingdom general elections
Jun 15, BOE rate decision meeting:
In May meeting,BOE said the timing of the first rate hike will be in the Q4 of 2019, and the tolerance is limited for the inflation being higher than the target. if the Bexit process, may accelerate the pace of rate hikes.
交易進行: effected1.2688 for small lot ,and will add after break out
評論: 4H chart update: waiting for a break out
評論: added 1.29
評論: 1H chart update: tg:$1.30029
評論: took some profits at 1.29528. since UK election, waiting for retracement.
手動結束交易: profit taken
評論: 4H chart update: possible movement of GU
take care of support level $1.291xx n $1.289
交易進行: longed again w/small lot 1.2919
impressive, best ever trader I've ever seen. XD
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