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This post is being released in 2 parts as posting restrictions do not allow me to post it all in one post. Please use these as GUIDES only as they are NOT one of my FULL analysis and are meant to give my current views on the market action only. Use them with discretion!

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Gapped up on the market open and prices just ran up higher from there reaching a strong resistance zone at a MAJOR (M) SR structure. From there, it has stalled and left the gap even wider. It has also expanded that possible EED pushing the possible upper TL even higher. If the EED is correct, then we should see prices fall significantly. However, we are now SHORT in this pair only to shoot the gap. Then to see what happens afterwards.
4HR CHARTS - (yesterday vs. today)

Yesterday's open gapped up and that gap has yet to be filled although prices began working it's way lower today but still hasn't filled it yet. It should fill the gap and may bounce slightly from there but should eventually turn and head lower. We are SHORT in this pair now and waiting for profits.
4HR CHARTS - (yesterday vs. today)

As pointed out in yesterday's chart, there is a possible leading ExD that is forming and yesterday, I pointed out that prices could turn and head back up in the leg E of that ExD . Well, that is exactly what it started to do today. I expect that it should continue up to complete it. Then to see what it does next.
4HR CHART - (yesterday vs. today)

Today prices moved up slightly higher than yesterday and is now sitting on the upper TL of the larger contracting triangle. I am expecting that prices should begin to drop from there soon. Although I have a POTENTIAL bat drawn on the chart and the bat would complete right near to the lower TL of this triangle, I am not certain of prices reaching that low. Although we are now SHORT on this pair, I will be wary of reversal possibilities during any drop down and act quickly if needed to close the trade.
4HR CHART - (yesterday vs. today)
This is of course the Brexit week. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know this. And you should know that during this week leading up to the Brexit vote, much of the markets will all be in much turmoil. Volatility will be increased this week as many if not most banks and institutions are or have moved into "safe havens". This is why we saw Yen get stronger last week. These same banks and institutions will not be doing much trading this week to preserve their capital exposure to the unpredictable markets. Therefore, we will see lower volumes and therefore higher volatility. So if you are taking trades this week, I would suggest lower exposure as well. Especially in the Sterling and Euro0.22% currencies . Trading in other markets would be safer. And I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest in the STRONGEST words possible that you DO NOT try to trade through the Brexit unless you have a LARGE bankroll and a HUGE appetite for risk! The Brexit results not matter which way it goes may very well have a similar effect to when the Swissy was freed from the Euro0.22% and prices fell over 1800 pips in ONE DAY! That turned millions in profits to million in losses overnight for many investors who did not exercise caution! Anyway, this is just my early warning and I will have more on this in the next days leading up to the vote as scheduled.

I am constantly trying to find ways to make this service better and easier to use. To that objective, I have added 2 new features that may help you to better understand the charts and quickly know where we stand in each pairing:

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What are your thoughts on the pairs so far? EUR and GBP made another impulse upwards GBP to 1.49 eur to 1.14... are you in the trade?
Read my warning on trading during this Brexit voting! I am not in any trades right now and won't be gambling during this voting. You can already see the big swings starting to come. IMO, foolish to try to trade it as during events like this, emotions take precedent and there's no logic to the price movements. So trying to trade using logical processes is folly. My suggestion is to just wait until things are settled to try to trade again. Never worry about missing out on anything. That is the good thing about trading...there is ALWAYS opportunities to make money!
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