Ichimoku Cloud Indicator With Cloud Shading Based On Trend!!!

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Ichimoku Cloud Indicator With Cloud Shading Based On Trend!!!

I’m releasing this Indicator b/c of the New Feature that Allows Coding The Fill of The Cloud To Change Colors Based On Trend. However, I will be releasing a Much More Advanced Version Soon!!!

Current Features - Via Inputs Tab:

- Ability to Turn On/Off Every Plot Individually Via Check Box
- Ability To Turn On/Off Tenkan and Kinjun Crosses (Arrows)

***Features Coming Soon - All Will Have Capability to Turn On/Off:

- Bar Color Change when Entering The Cloud
- Filtered Tenkan and Kinjun Crosses To Plot Only With Trend, only Counter Trend, Or All Crosses
- Plot Arrows When Price Exits The Cloud.
- Plot Arrows When Lagging Line Crosses The Cloud Confirmed, or Not Confirmed by Price.
- Plus More!!!
- Basically Ability To Set Alerts Based On Any Condition!!!

hi chris poasts seem a bit old. Im new here and was wondering if progress has been made on what looks like a great tool.
Good work!

One thing though : I'm trying to setup an alert based on the "Price crossing the Senkou Span B" (detecting a Kumo exit). However, the condition seems to be evaluated against the end of the Kumo (instead of against the current bar). Just like if the displacement was not applied.

Any thoughts? Thanks
Hi, it would be really great if you could code the buy signals to meet these conditions:
Long signal: Above the cloud, above kijun-sen and chiku-span above price.
Short signal: Below cloud, below kijun-sen and chiku-span below price.

Really appreciate your work man! Already using your Ichimoku indicator and are loving it :)
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Thanks man! Really appreciate this :) Is is it easy to use alerts with the entry arrows?
I think Heiken Ashi candlesticks pair well with Ichimoku. What's your opinion?
I use Heik candles on every chart I I think they go well with everything....
Really nice to look at this chart. The yellow arrow is handy as sometimes it is hard to see the crosses.
ChrisMoody DaveMackay
Thanks....The arrows can be turned on or off in the inputs tab...and the color us easily changed by whoever is using the indicator.
Can't wait.....awesome CM.
ChrisMoody faizal.mansor.908
Sorry man...Im a little behind on this one...but I'll get it done soon...
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