Short to be driven by the news...

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Fundamental basics you should know...

In just over a couple of hours, we have the GBP growth rate YoY and QoQ 2nd est coming. These are 2 different measures that reflect the change in the value of the goods and services produced by the economy compared to the same quarter last year (YoY) and to the last quarter this year (QoQ)

Throughout the last 10 years, the YoY number has fluctuated between (3.5%) and (-6.1%). The previous number was (1.9%) and the forecast is (2.1%) which is a significant improvement if it is achieved

Also, throughout the last 10 years, the QoQ number has fluctuated between (1%) and (-2.3%). The previous number was (0.7%) and the forecast is (0.3%) which is a significant decline if it is achieved

評論: Please don't rush this trade since this could just be another a leg in a series of abc's
評論: ~100+ pips from the break already
More to come...
評論: Never hurts to optimize your position at good S&R areas
評論: Stops to BE...
評論: With 114 pips up, it's a good idea to optimize your position please
評論: ~151 pips so far and it would be nice to book some of your profits and look to sell higher
交易結束:目標達成: Ok guys...
Target reached
Congrats to all of you who stuck it out
I think there is still more to come BUT it's now every man for himself

Do something good with the money please
評論: WS2 is @1.27981
That's almost a sure thing
Good luck
評論: Reached WS2 with ~185 pips
I think that's enough for today
評論: If you play this trade, you will notice that after we reached the target, price kept climbing my trendline and then all of a sudden, it let goooooooooooooooo

looks really nice
Nice call. Good job today
missed the move, trying to catch it on 1hr ks

That's unfortunate
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TAJIR_B Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, yahhh hesitating , had two occasions:
- magic trend line on 1hh
- the kumo break on 1hr

but didnt enter

No worries...
You just have to work on being comfortable with losing if it's calculated
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