Great Confirming Indicator For The Williams Vix Fix

COMEX:GC1!   黃金期貨
RSI with EMA Signal Created By Request For @motcha1

@motcha1 Requested the RSI with EMA Signal.

A Larry Williams Follower who says it's a Great

Entry Signal when RSI Crosses EMA When VIX

Is Showing A Potential Bottom. Looks Good!!!

***Waiting For The RSI To Cross The EMA I’ve Found To Be A Very Precise Entry Without Getting In Too Early. Thanks @motcha1

Links To Both Indicators Below


how to set william vix fix indicator ???
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for gold,use stochastic 5-3-3 in 240 min too
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Thanks, finally some confirmation with your VIX, cause I really liked the VIX idea but the entries were kind of confusing. Thanks motcha1 to you too
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ChrisMoody cristian.d
Glad you like it....
how we can use this one for sell direction ?
Thank you
This looks great Chris! but for some reason the favorites button isn't showing so I can't add? hmm
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