GCR/BTC 500%+ Profit LONG

BITTREX:GCRBTC   GlobalCurrencyReserve / Bitcoin
GCR is ready to burst. This coin pumps and dumps really quick, have your sell profit targets set!

Entry: 1700-1900
Target 1: 6000-6600
Target 2: 9400-10000
Target 3: 13267

Once the coin crosses 2400s, move your stop loss at 10% into profit to secure some profit.
交易進行: Trade looking solid. We're now at over 50% profit. If you have to move into another coin, then do so now. Or you can wait until we hit 300%+ :D
評論: 88% Profit, I do not believe in the fundamentals of this coin. This coin will pump and dump fast. Move your stop loss to at least 50% above your entry to guarantee profits.
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Hi, do you have time prediction when it will hit the target?
davec83 parisian788
@parisian788, weeks maybe. It's harder to predict how long it would take for a trade to develop.

We are already at over 50% profit, if you need to move your money, then you may do so, 50% profit is a very decent profit!

Remember this "Any profit is a good profit" :)
Hey. I'm really sorry to bother you, but since I use to be an Hodler, and that I've just start trying to do some trading at short time, can you please be kind enough to give me some more detail on your trading approach ?
Lets say I'll buy 100$ at 1900 satoshi. What's your next move ? You set Stop Sell for some of your coins when it reach 6000 ? Then another one when it reach 10000. And finally you put a stop sell when it reach 2400 ? That's right ? Sorry if I'm unclear.
davec83 Kazuhoko
@Kazuhoko, it's really up to you. Myself I will sell 50% at 6000 sats and 50% when it reaches target 2.

Regarding stop losses, you can use it to minimize losses and to guarantee some profits, once it crosses 2400s, you can put a stop loss at say 2000, this way if the trade goes south, you would still be selling at a profit.


Kazuhoko davec83
@davec83, Thank you very much for your fast answer. Will you set an automatic sell order for your target or will you do it manually ? SInce indeed, it looks like a very fast pump and dump pattern, looks hard to manually proceed the sell.
Thank you again and happy new year to you.
davec83 Kazuhoko
@Kazuhoko, I will auto-sell at around 6000. You can buy back after the coin retraces before shooting up to Target 2. But you don't have to, 300% is an amazing profit already!

Kazuhoko davec83
@davec83, You're the man ! Thank you for taking the time to provide me answers ! Wish you nice profit !
davec83 Kazuhoko
@Kazuhoko, Happy new year!
couldnt agree anymore mate
davec83 theconceptbehindit
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