GER30: Potential Bearish Gartley Pattern

FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
The potential Gartley pattern will complete at 12770 level and the AB=CD will also finish at about 12760.
Meanwhile the Supply Zone is at 12765-12772 levels.
Additionally, the historical resistance works at 12770-12780.
So it is good to sell at 12765-12780 levels when price action gives signals in the PRZ.
SL: above 12817
TP1: 12670
TP2: 12625
TP3: 12573 and further more
取消訂單: Bad luck, the big bullish candle broke out the previous high and no signal was given.
But the close of the broken candle was under the previous high, what does this mean? Let wait and see what will the market go next.
評論: Just a fake breakout, and the market declined.
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