Crusing D BulliVard

FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
Hi traders. We continue to cruise with bulls with nice A-b a-b BULL sight
Our first TP will be around 200 MA line. expect some intraday short option as this line hit's.

評論: HI traders. TP1 almost hit, but bears attack won for now.
if we should turn up, should be neer - we are @ 0.618 retrace from the long started yesterday.

Fall rapdily. Shit. I need Dax to rise up
mahmoud280 IvanSzabo
@IvanSzabo, I think it will go to 12420
mahmoud280 IvanSzabo
@IvanSzabo, I lost all my money 6000 ERO
mahmoud280 DaxiDriver
@DaxiDriver, we can buy now
IvanSzabo mahmoud280
@mahmoud280, I hope you are right
IvanSzabo IvanSzabo
@IvanSzabo, It looks really bad right now.
DoubleMan mahmoud280
@mahmoud280, who knows ... DJI30 the twin brother of dax30 .
dji30 is around 21500 so n% move should be 21500/12600~=1.7 times n% in dax .
for example 1000pips in dax should correspond with 1700pips in dji .
but DJI30 has not move as usual in tandem with dax but only 30 pips .
so I will wait for the US open +1hour or 2 to see if dow will fall similar with dax or not .
such a move in dji will move dax down at least a little until they become twin brothers again .
mahmoud280 DoubleMan
@DoubleMan, it's standing here for more than an hour. I thought big support and it will move back up
IvanSzabo mahmoud280
@mahmoud280, it looks so.Pivot point in way right now.
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