GNOBTC - Resistance broke. Long now.

POLONIEX:GNOBTC   Gnosis / Bitcoin
198 6

Resistance line finally broke after a long break.

TP1: 0.0642
TP2: 0.0825
TP3: 0.0972
交易進行: ENTERED: 0.0401
評論: Slowly moving towards the target. SL moved to 0.042
手動結束交易: Didn't break the support barrier.
Pulled out at 0.0401.
Break even
You think it will PUMP anytime soon? I've been HODLing like 4 days... Waiting for the PUMP; hoping it doesn't DUMP.
capncrunch mightytrader
@mightytrader, I think honestly while BTC hitting ATH for the past couple days, we shall wait but I do think it will bounce back up in a few days. Fingers crossed.
mightytrader capncrunch
@capncrunch, Is there any reason not to, fundamentally? It's still an active team. Also: What do you think of the DUMPER 1st Blood? I think that's gonna PUMP at some point... but it's sure a gamble!
capncrunch mightytrader
@mightytrader, I never really paid attention to 1ST but by looking at its chart and observing its history, I think it really sank and hit the rock bottom. What a slide it was.

It is definitely showing some signs of recovery where MACD is about to reverse along with RSI but I personally wouldn't bet on it until I see a confirmation where MA9(GREEN) is over either MA21(RED) or MA77(ORANGE) and passes the resistance between 0.000146-0.000151

There is definitely plenty other fish in the sea but yeah I'll keep an eye on it for sure. Good luck.
capncrunch mightytrader
@mightytrader, No, not at all. Once it takes off, it will shoot off I think.
mightytrader capncrunch
@capncrunch, I went back into UBQ. Staying in it since it dropped and that's what I originally wanted. I'm going to put a little money (not today) into 1st... because if it PUMPS!! =D $$$
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