GNT: 15% DUMP vs 150% PUMP Speculative Trade for Tomorrow

POLONIEX:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
694 12
GNT has a 30% chance to be in tomorrow's Palm Beach Confidential Report recommended buy.

If GNT is not the one, expect a 15% DROP
If GNT is the one, expect a 100-150% GAIN

If GNT is not the pick, then it's probably going to be XRP.

If you cannot afford to lose 15% of your investment, then please do not enter this trade. This trade is solely based on speculation and the chance of this trade playing out well is 30% , and the chance of you losing 15% of your investment is 70%.

Good luck.
評論: Positive movement in GNT already! Let's see how this plays out.
交易進行: BTC causing a major dump in the market. Chosen coin not announced yet. Trade active!
取消訂單: Chosen coin was ripple (xrp)
Still having those fingers crossed :) If what you say is true, this one 'might' pump in about 5 hours yea ? Todays drop was nervewrecking as is, losses left and right.. no risk no reward, eh

Good Luck, gang!
BTC causing a major dump in the market. Chosen coin not announced yet. Trade active!
I guess it wasn't the one.
thanks for sharing. got my eye on this one too :) good luck everyone!
to where Golem
JoeFares YoussefMohamedfb
@YoussefMohamedfb, As I already stated in the chart and below comment. To 35-50 cents or back to 18 cents. This is a risky trade with good potential.
JoeFares JoeFares
@JoeFares, This pump or dump is going to be tomorrow at 8PM-11PM eastern timezone
Yes nice movement and volume today. Been waiting for an updated chart on GNT and here you are lol. What do you think we could see today any idea? Thanks for the update!
@CAINAMOTPYRC, My pleasure!

Well basically if GNT is chosen as the recommended buy (In tomorrow's Palm Beach Confidential Report) then we can see GNT go up from the current 22 cents to 35-50 cents!
If GNT is not the chosen one, then it will dump back to 19-18 cents. (Tomorrow, 2nd of November 8PM eastern time)

Price right now is pumping along with volume since people, like me are predicting that GNT is the chosen one.

If GNT is not chosen, then it will probably be XRP and there are slimmer chances that it could be BAT or SYS and a much slimmer chance of it being NEM (XEM) or Ardor.

We have a clue that the coin is in the 20 cent trading range.

I personally strongly believe in GNT so even if I bought at 23 cents and it gets to dump back to 18 cents.. I will be holding it longterm :) I believe in a $1-$2 GNT by next year so 23 cents is still a good entry imo.

Good luck!
@JoeFares, Fantastic! I have had GNT at the top of my list for a while now and I've got a feeling it is time for Golem to GO!
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