$GVT BUY MORE! TOKEN BURN 30TH JUNE! Only has 16.7M Marketcap!

BINANCE:GVTBTC   Genesis Vision / Bitcoin
Genesis Vision is alive and healthy! This platform for fund managers to trade and share their trades here. What caught my attention is, they are doing some tokens burn this year. Not only once or twice, but three times! can you imagine that? It has only 4,436,644 Total Supply to be exact and still wanted to burn some of it? What a generous play.

It will affect us as the traders and holders who believe this one will be a great issue! Why? Because once GVT pump, the pump is no brainer and unstoppable. It has only 16.7 Market cap at the moment. That's why!

Imagine institutional investors coming with $2M to pump it? it'll be more than +10% up.

Logically, the platform is useful and very good for mid-term swing trade.

If all of these ideas I posted helps you, give them thumbs up, shares, comments and follow me. If you have a suggestion, just fill in the comment sections or message me. Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks a lot!

RISK WARNING: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. I will make best efforts to bring profitable signals, but will not be responsible for your investment losses or profit.
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very good post man
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blockchaindedi DACapitalTrading
@DACapitalTrading, you too man
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