150% gains incoming on GVT

BINANCE:GVTBTC   Genesis Vision / Bitcoin

BINANCE:GVTBTC is primed for another move up.

Target is measured by adding distance from broken resistance to the high of the flag.
交易進行: I opened a position on GVT at 8k sats, so while I am already over 100% in profits, I am still holding.
交易進行: Still holding!
交易進行: still on track guys, Korea fud kinda depressed the markets for a bit but I'm still bullish!
評論: Looking for a T/K cross and Kumo breakout here

How risk is that forecast?
@FerMG, How risky? I'd say if you buy and hold, EVENTUALLY, no matter what, GVT will reach that target. I think it'll happen soon, but you never know what could happen. Thats why you set a stop if you are trading this. I think your risk is pretty low given how the fundamentals AND technicals are looking.
StephenNix landonwiggs
@landonwiggs, hi i bought some today on the principle that is is a solid project at a good price. any other gems like this you could recommend? thanks in advance!
landonwiggs StephenNix
@StephenNix, Awesome!

Yes, BlockMason is a great project, advisory board includes Anthony Di Lorio (co-founder of Ethereum), Richard Kastelein, and they have a very strong team and vision as well. Very low Mcap right now, I think about $100m or so, they are definitely a top 20..

Also check out ArabianChain (, Ubiq (, BlockTix (, and Rupee (

All of these have low caps and are huge winners in my opinion. Huge gainers for 2018-2020.

Good luck!
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