HART: Going back up so soon?

Harvard Apparatus Regentive Technology is a bioscience company working on more natural heart valve replacements and other pretty cool biotech stuff. However my interest is because the way they are ramping up for another go after moving from $0.60 to $3.25 in less than a month. This is shaping up to be your typical "head and shoulders" scenario. HART's 1day MACD only crossed into negative on 12/7, giving the appearance that they are ready to fall back down. However it bounced at the 50% mark ($1.90) and StochRSI is already showing a cross upward.
What makes it really interesting is if you check out the 4hour or 2 hour you can see the MACD already coming back to positive. (see bottom image)
The markets are rough given the fear of a rate hike along with some 'cooling off' given the build up of overheating from past 2-3 years. However, at such a low price HART could be a worthwhile option play at a $5 strike a few months out. The option route would allow a relatively low bet--I need to look at the chain but I'm guessing as little as $20 a contract---with a short-term opportunity if the 2hr/4hr MACDs stay positive and bring the 1 day up; and a medium term opportunity if the indicators and the stock can't handle the bear market---HART has enough room and volatility to pay off later as well.
Even at $2.35 a share it's a good, cheap play.

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