HSI hit a 10-year high on 15 Jan 2018 but what's next?

TVC:HSI   恆生指數
Hang Seng Index ( HSI ) has hit a 10-year high today at 31733 but eventually closed in a bearish candle at 31338.

The index has been going up and up since the beginning of 2018 and finally it turned into a semi-long bearish candle.

Investors like you may be wondering the index will resume its uptrend since the recent low of 28134 on 7 December 2018. From a technical outlook, this index remains in an upward bias. Based on our forecast, however, we will be watching for retracement at two key levels - the first one will be at 31360 and if this level does not provide the necessary support, the next level will be 30000 which is also the psychological level of this index. We will monitor these levels closely and see whether the index will potentially resume its move to the upside.

Good trading
15 Jan 2018


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交易進行: HSI made an all-time high today - refer to our forecasting report on Tecent which also has made an all-time high today. We will wait for the price movement of the next couple of days before we reissue the forecasting report for HSI.
取消訂單: HSI did not retrace at all and therefore, we need to relook the forecasting report for HSI and issue a new one later on. Thanks for following this opportunity.
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